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Hi, I'm  Career Coach   Kim



Kimberly Boyd, MBA, CCSP, GCDF, CSA

I Awaken Insight and Guide to Grow!

Welcome to |Career G.L.O.W., your go-to resource for transformative career coaching led by Kim Boyd. As a Certified Sparketype Coach and a proud Certified Career Services Provider through the National Career Development Association, I bring a wealth of expertise to guide early to mid-career professionals towards their true potential.

In addition to my professional certifications, I wear many hats in life, including being a dedicated wife, caring aunt, an advocate and leader in the Vitiligo community, and supportive sister. My journey in the professional world has been diverse and dynamic, starting from humble beginnings as a secretary and growing from there. Throughout the years, I strategically navigated my career, making intentional moves that propelled me towards personal and professional growth and success.

With a background as a Talent Acquisition Consultant and Management Professional, I possess a deep understanding of the corporate landscape. I leverage this experience to assist individuals in redirecting their careers, discovering their true potential, and boosting their confidence. My coaching program revolves around Insight, Growth and Success, following my G.L.O.W. framework ensuring that clients not only achieve their professional goals but also gain valuable self-awareness and confidence in the process.

As a seasoned Resume Writer and Interview Coach, I empower individuals to articulate their skills and experiences effectively. My holistic approach to career coaching goes beyond the conventional boundaries, focusing on personal and professional development to create lasting and meaningful transformations.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and career enhancement with Career Coach Kim. Let's work together to unlock your potential, navigate career transitions, and pave the way for a fulfilling and successful professional life.


I help career changers G.L.O.W.

"The road to success is ALWAYS under construction" ~ Lily Tomlin

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