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1:1 Coaching

My 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you achieve success in your career. Through  Sparketype Coaching and Strengths Coaching, we help you identify what work fills you up and how to leverage your transferable skills for growth. I'll provide you with strategies and direction to help you achieve your goals and build confidence in your professional life. With our coaching program, you'll be well on your way to achieving your full potential in your career.

Resume Services

Don't let a subpar resume hold you back from your ideal job. Our Resume Review & Writing service offers a personalized resume consultation, skill review and matches your profile to the right jobs. We  make sure your resume shines as your marketing tool, conveying the value you offer to any company.

Interview Intervention

My interview coaching service gives you the tools and confidence you need to succeed in any type of interview situation. We’ll work together to get you ready for both traditional and behavioral interview questions, and I’ll help you understand the purpose behind each type of interview. With my guidance, you’ll be ready to make a strong impression and show your potential employer why you’re the best fit for the job.


Pssst....I've got a little secret

I know how it feels to be lost, unsure, unfulfilled, and left behind in your career.


I have been there myself, feeling scared and inadequate.

I began my career with no clear direction but with a desire to do be more and I knew I could.

How did I do it? I built on my confidence and...

I remained positive. Built relationships...and did my best no matter what position I held. 


I found my way through various resources like books, programs, courses, and assessments to learn about myself and the type of work that fills me up...and sought positions that allowed me to flourish and shine. I focused on learning more about me and how to better present myself to hiring managers.

Through self-discovery, introspection, and work...I can help you build your confidence and create a plan of action to help you find that work that fills you up and grow your career.

Take the first step to self discovery and take the Sparketype FREE assessment today!


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