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Let's discover what makes you come ALIVE!
...and how it shows up at work.

 Professional Empowerment with a focus on...
  • Career reflection, development, & growth...putting you in control of your career.

  • Discovering strengths, transferrable skills, and purpose.

  • Helping you strategically move your career forward.

  • Moving you from stuck & stagnate to purposeful & proud!

  • Personal branding and confidence coaching.

  • Discover what makes you come alive.

  • Interviewing techniques & preparation.

Coaching Services

Career Glow Coaching Services.jpg

The 60 day Career Glow Program

  • 8 x 60 minute weekly 1/1 coaching sessions to help build your confidence, discover your strengths, and find out what makes you come alive!
  • 60 days of email support to help guide you through the coaching program.
  • Action items to build your career portfolio.
  • 2 professional assessments that will shine a light on your skills and build your confidence.
  • Learn to speak positively about your skills and accomplishments.
Additional Services offered...
"Launch Box" Masterclass (coming soon)
Monthly Group Chats (informal & conversational)
Coaching by the Hour
a la carte Coaching
e specific coaching topics by the hour!
Monthly reserve
 1 - 8 hours!
Resume Rejuvenation
Interview Intervention
Coaching & Preparation
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