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Illuminate Your Career Path with Career Glow

Unlock your full potential with Career Glow! As your career coach, I provide personalized guidance and support to help you navigate the career change process. Whether you're starting your career or looking to transition to a new field, I am here to help you achieve your goals. Let's light up your career together!

Helping Career Changers G.L.O.W.

Gain clarity and confidence 
Leverage Strengths
Optimize Opportunities

Career Coach Kim
Certified Career Coach

G.L.O.W. Coaching Framework




This is an important step in our discovery process.  We take an inward look at where you are in your career, how you got there, are you still satisfied there (and if not what does that satisfaction look like).  This is the part in the discovery discussion where you do some self-reflection and planning using workbook to guide you through this process. Are you ready to do the work, to look inside, and to make a workable career plan?  Let's chat!




In this step of the process and after you have taken a very detailed look what you learned in the self-reflection step, you will then begin to see where you want to go or "GROW" in your career. In this GROWTH step, you have to do some work. This is where you begin to put your plans into action and guide yourself to where you see yourself. This step could be a longer process depending on the what you need to accomplish.  We'll guide you through this process as well.




When you get to this step you will have accomplished the goals that you discovered and put into action.  In this step, you are feeling very proud of the the work that you did to move your career to where you saw yourself.  Keep in mind though that success is defined differently for each of us -- and depending where we are in life will surely change as you grow and mature.  When you get here and enjoy it and also be mindful and recognize when it's time to look inward again.


"OMG! This looks absolutely amazing Kim. I'm so excited to see what opportunities come my way. The resume speaks volume, professionalism, experience, and class. Thank you so much! "  ~T. Brown

Through Career Glow, I’ve not only figured out the best industry and career for me to pursue but also gained an immense amount of confidence (especially for a 20-year-old). To have found someone who takes all the negative things you’ve once thought about yourself and turns them into tools that will help you understand what you want out of a career was the most uplifting and eye-opening experience. With Career Coach Kim I learned how to talk about myself in a positive manner, what value I bring to a workplace, what my dream workplace would be like, and so much more. If you’re looking for guidance in finding/getting to your current dream career and a confidence boost, Career Glow is the way to go.

~J. Battle

"My session with Kim helped me identify what is important to potential employers. She provided valuable ways to showcase my skills and prepare me for an effective interview.  Kim modernized my resume and professional statement into a flawless representation of myself and my career.  Kim was very responsive, friendly, and helpful. I highly recommend her service. I am pleased with my serve and grateful for Kim's expertise and guidance.  Amazing work!"  ~B. Taylor

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